On June 9, 2016

Annual golf tournament to benefit the animals was a “hole in one” succuss

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Vermont Volunteer Services for Animals Humane Society (VVSA), we would like to thank the enormous amount of people that helped make our 4th Annual Golf Tournament & Silent Auction a Hole-in-One! There are so many indivudals and businesses to thank that it’s impossible to list them here. Thank you, too, to the Mountain Times for their continued support.

This was Billy Bauer’s last event before heading south, although, we know this is not a final goodbye. A big thank you to the new owner of the Summit Lodge, Emmitt O’Dwyer and the Summit’s incredible staff. We’d like to especially acknowledge Bill, Sandy, Ned, Courtney, Dave, Penny and Chef Steve, whose team effort throughout the entire day assured everything went smoothly.

Friends of VVSA were, and always are, the backbone of our ongoing work, investigations of cruelty, assistance to the public, and events on behalf of the animals.

A special thank you to Judy Storch, Jan Standish, Careen Little, and Meghan Charlebois, Candace Fish, as well as Rick Beda, Pam Aievoli, Nonnie Vale and Cookie Harvey.

Several generous donors unexpectedly gave items in the days leading up to the tournament, a sincere thank you to you, and to all of the businesses that generously gave wonderful gift certificates and items.

Due to the overwhelming number of gifts donated, there are still items available for purchase. To see a list of these items please visit our website www.vvsahs.org, or feel free to call Sue Skaskiw at 672-5302 to come and see the remaining gifts. On behalf of the animals that can’t thank you, we do!

PS. VVSA is helping neuter 30 cats for a person, and we currently have LOTS of kittens for adoption!

Sue Skaskiw, executive director, VVSA

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