On February 17, 2016

Chaos is created when a “better way” differs from the status quo

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Gemini Moon, with aspects that make me wonder how the human race might be coping with things. The current story looks pretty interesting, but all of it is subject to change and none of it is ironclad. Every time I sit down to write this column I spend about an hour looking at where things are at, and then I decide what to zero in on, and how to spin it. To be realistic, the business of explaining the universe is totally insane, and completely arrogant, but for some reason, that’s what I wound up doing. This morning I am questioning all of it, but aware enough of my duties and responsibilities to take a run at interpreting some of this.

The chart for this week struck me right off the bat with an opposition between the Sun in Aquarius and the asteroid Astraea at the 26th degree of Leo. By itself this picture reads as, “Dealing with Males who don’t know when to quit, or who can’t come to terms with ending a situation.” The aspect can also be read as, “Looking at what we have to do to win ‘The Father’s approval” — the Father being any and all forms of male authority.

The thing with this Sun-Astraea opposition is that it is being sliced from two angles by Siwa and Siva. In about two days that configuration will come to a head. It is an apocalyptic aspect that will trickle down and surface in situations where drastic endings, and the never-ending stories that go with them, will be the name of the game. Power plays, big balls competition, and stuff that revolves around the downfall of the Father is in high gear. How this will be reflected in our personal and collective reality depends entirely upon the extent to which we have made peace with both our ‘Father’ and our ‘Authority’ issues.

In addition to this there are bound to be issues that revolve around money — because in our reality, money and power have gotten confused. There will also be news and events in the Far East — Siwa and Siva automatically imply this — so we will be hearing news coming out of Asia that relates to the money markets, or that involves a natural catastrophe, or a conflict of some kind. I have no way to guarantee this — I am stating it as a possibility because it falls within the realm of prediction, given the nature of the energies involved.

The picture I get is that regardless of what we see going on around us, or what our perceptions give us to believe, there is a much bigger picture to consider. This war in heaven is bound to be reflected here on Earth; it is axiomatic. Within the framework of other aspects, a square between Mars and the Sun, a square between Saturn and Chiron, and an opposition from Jupiter to Chiron, tell me that we are in the process of waking up to new ways of being, and doing, and living in this world. Against all odds we are letting go of worn out structures, beliefs, and institutions. In the midst of this much change any effort to find our own way of doing things is bound to generate high levels of chaos with others who have just as much invested in doing exactly the same thing.

These are interesting times. If the square from Mars to the Sun has too much to say about how we handle ourselves in the next few days the conflicts could get out of hand. This aspect pits us against people who think they are totally right, even when they are totally wrong, and there is NOTHING anyone can say or do to make them see it differently. This becomes a huge problem when the Kings of Self Righteousness are the people in charge.

I am deeply interested in how things are unfolding at this moment — it is a pivotal turning point. By the next time we speak I am pretty sure much of what’s been mentioned here will have made its appearance. Until then keep your spirits up, mind your own business, know “When to hold them,” know “When to fold them,” and enjoy this week’s ‘scopes.

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