On January 14, 2016

Envision possibility

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of an Aquarius Moon, with a bunch of aspects that make me feel really good about the coming week. There’s a beautiful trine running from Jupiter to Pallas, Mercury, and the Sun, that means we will be doing everything we can to get along, and at least act like we have everyone’s best interests in mind. Whether these motives are sincere, or not, is always another story, one which depends upon how much integrity we hold in our hearts on any other day of the week. What matters most about these aspects is that, they herald the thought that humanity as a whole is awakening to the fact that we are all in this together.

A conjunction between Saturn and Venus has been in play for the last few days. At 12 and 14 degrees Sagittarius, respectively, both planets are in a waxing trine to Uranus at 16 degrees Aries. It is a beautiful connection that from my perspective supports the idea that we are ready to find new and out-of-the-box solutions to problems that have had us on the ropes for centuries.

By itself the Saturn-Venus aspect is doing a lot to make us reassess the way our relationships are going: it is also forcing us to get real about where it’s at with money. The trine to Uranus opens the space for this process to take place without a whole lot of hassle. It indicates a trend toward innovative solutions, unusual gifts, new forms of expression, and increased access to, and awareness of, the higher mind and the 90-percent of the brain that, up until now, we have not had access to.

Before things change, all of us will come up against the piece that absolutely has to break with tradition in order for the course of evolution to unfold. Both Venus and Saturn will have to make their way through a square to Chiron before the trine to Uranus becomes active. Translated? It looks to me like there will be a need to cultivate a taste for things that we haven’t thought of or seen before — to imagine a whole new way. Once we envision the possibility, or possibilities, personal and collective, it will be up to us to decide if we are going to stick with the old paradigm constructs, or open up to the fact that it’s time to change the channel.

I mentioned that Jupiter is still in a conjunction with the Moon’s North Node in the late degrees of Virgo. Both points are forming a trine with Pallas, Mercury, and the Sun. Auxiliary bodies lie close enough to this planetary picture to add their input to the mix. It is a supportive construct. If you’re a Virgo it is most likely making life a lot easier for you. I get the feeling there is a lot of healing, and “reconstructive surgery” going on in our relationships — the ones we have with those close to us, and the one we have with life.

I have said many times that it is tough to make broad brush predictions, but for some reason there is a demand for it. So, looking at the chart for the coming week, I am here to say that there is a window of change and opportunity opening for all of us, regardless of where we are living our lives, and regardless of where we are coming from. What I also see is that it is up to each one of us to see what’s going on and do what needs to be done, regardless of how much it costs us in terms of time and matters of convenience. It comes down to understanding what is basic and true, and trusting life enough to listen to our hearts when it comes time to “know what to do.” Give that some thought and enjoy this week’s ‘scopes.

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