On October 8, 2015

Killington town management has been negligent with road signs

Dear Editor,

In February of this year the stop sign and attached street sign at West Park Road and Killington Road was knocked down, allegedly by a town snow plow. The sign and the post lay in the snow for several weeks until they disappeared. During at least two successive Selectboard meetings I brought the situation to the attention of the Selectboard and the town manager. I even quoted from “Setting Speed Limits—A Guide for Vermont Towns,” published by Saint Michael’s College in May 2012. The guide clearly states on page 19: “Missing STOP signs should be considered an emergency and replaced immediately.”

The signs were not replaced until several months later. When they were replaced they were done with signs and a post inferior to what had been there.

At the Sept. 24, 2015, meeting of the Rutland Region Transportation Council, on which I represent the Town of Killington, the subject of signs was discussed. Many town managers and road foremen with decades of experience serve on the council. There was a unanimous opinion that missing stop signs are replaced within 24 hours. Other missing signs are replaced usually within four days.

Recently the Selectboard spent a great deal of time deliberating what to do about the excessive speed of vehicles on West Hill Road. The obvious solution is tough enforcement of the speed limit. Anyone who drives through Mendon or Bridgewater is aware of the effectiveness of this method. Up until very recently this method was not possible on West Hill Road because the 25 m.p.h. speed limit sign at the top of West Hill Road was missing for many months!

In regard to West Hill Road there was also a failure to see that the millings used on the shoulders were used correctly and that the lines painted at the traffic light were painted with the proper dimensions.

The above represents gross negligence on the part of our town road foreman and town manager. The Selectboard needs to take action to ensure the above positions are occupied by people who perform their responsibilities in a diligent and timely manner.

David A. Rosenblum, Killington

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