On September 24, 2015

The veil is lifted

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Capricorn Moon, with a slew of astrological activity backing up its conjunction with the Cardinal earth axis. There’s so much going on, I’d be a fool to think that I could dissect all of it and stand a chance of being right — but that’s my job, so let’s go:

The Pope’s on his way to the states as we speak. They tell us that the Powers that Be are not into the Occult; if they’re not, they sure have a highly developed instinct for when to time things as significant as the Papal visit. His arrival, will no doubt herald the formal installation of “The New World Order.” And because all of this is about to meet its zenith at the height of the Fall Equinox, between that, a Blood Moon Eclipse, the Nodes on the Aries Point, an opposition between Jupiter and Neptune, and Saturn’s entrance into Sagittarius, it’s hard for me to believe that the Big Boys don’t have an astrologer on the payroll.

If you want a nutshell report on what all of the above adds up to, I am in no position to be making predictions, but I will say this: When Saturn changes signs it’s a huge deal. On some level it reflects the notion that there has been a consciousness shift within the fabric of the Third Dimension, and everything on the planet is tuning to a new channel. Saturn’s been in Scorpio since late 2012. His shift into Sagittarius brings us to the point where, after three years of going along with someone else’s program, we are at the point where the truth about our relationship to all of that, along with what it’s costing us, is finally coming to light.

Saturn plays out according to sign. When he’s in Sag, the whole question of “belief” becomes huge. Situations arise in which the only way out is to come to terms with the ways in which our beliefs about everything strangle us — especially in times when the whole kit-and-kaboodle is getting shaken and stirred.

Simply put, fixed ideas have no place in the midst of a dimensional shift.

Whenever we start talking about “belief,” beyond our spiritual leanings, but in the same breath, it brings up the whole concept of truth and lies. Knowing what the truth is — and knowing how to spot a lie, is a huge part of our personal and collective initiation process right now. It has something to do with the veil being lifted. So many illusions have already been shattered. The next few months will see every last one of them go.

Watch for the tendency to become self righteous. Give everyone plenty of room to breathe. Don’t let your prejudices keep you from connecting. We’re all bruised and battered. We all have a story. The mark of a spiritually evolved person lies in their ability to tolerate the weaknesses of others. It’s time to connect with our spiritual truth in ways that allow us to embrace absolutely everyone. Give that some thought, keep your truth close to your heart and, as we move through this portal together, I hope you enjoy this week’s ‘scopes.

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