On December 31, 2014

Shumlin values profit over people

Dear Editor,

Shumlin has consistently dragged his feet on healthcare. The media called his near defeat in November a referendum on his policies, particularly his signature policy universal healthcare. But the referendum was over his foot dragging. He has consistently failed to present financing or other details for the universal healthcare system not because he did not have them yet, but because he never intended to have them.

Today, the governor has shown his true colors. Peter Shumlin values Vermont’s profit over people. In Vermont this means valuing the ability to do business as usual over people who struggle everyday to cover the cost of medical bills and health insurance. This cannot stand. Across the state we must challenge anywhere that profit is valued over people. We need to demonstrate to our elected officials that universal healthcare isn’t just politically or economically possible, but necessary. The Vermont Workers’ Center organized a rally at the statehouse Thursday, Nov. 18 at 11:30 a.m. to demand universal healthcare. On Jan. 8 we will meet inside the state house to continue our demand that our elected officials treat healthcare as a human right.


Griffin Shumway, Wilder, Vt.

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