December 5, 2018

Update on committee progress for public safety building

Dear Editor,

The Citizen Committee for development of a new public safety facility in Killington has been meeting regularly since the positive land vote by the town at last year’s Town Meeting. We first discussed the general direction for development of the facility. Then we decided to hire a construction manager. This person works directly for the town. We chose DEW Company. Their job is to meet with the Committee and plan each step forward. Once an architect is chosen, with their input plans will be developed for each area of construction from groundwork to roofing, to be put out to bid and review each response with the Committee. By going in this direction the town has a professional involved in every step of the process. The final decisions are made by the Committee, with input from the town manager, fire, police KSAR and emergency response. 

The next step was to interview and hire an architectural firm to work with us to design a building which meets not just the current needs but allows for future expansion at the same location. 

We have hired NCA design firm. They have designed and built these type of facilities throughout New England. 

NCA has developed three options for slightly different designs. The main differences are room location within the structure and type of roof design. With each presentation the group discusses the various options and comes to agreement on each issue. The area for vehicles is decided. 

At this time the external structure is essentially decided. Now we will focus on materials used for that structure and internal locations of things like heating, water, storage and work areas. 

Steve Finneron, chair of Fire Department Facility Review Committee

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