Have faith in Vermont’s quality education system

Dear Editor,

Let’s put statistics aside for a while. Much has been said about Vermont schools in comparison to other states, both good and not so good. I’ve had the opportunity to work in many different schools and states as teacher and administrator over a number of decades. So, maybe our students don’t all go on to college or stay very long if they do, but not all students want to go to college. Our students are realistic, creative, smart and know that finding meaningful employment and staying in Vermont will not only be their own problem, but one a college degree cannot guarantee them. So, many of our students enroll in technical programs throughout Vermont and will find work in human services, culinary, digital arts, construction, electrical and plumbing, auto repair, criminal justice, natural resources, cosmetology, technical services, STEM, child care, car repair, welding, and auto technology and repair and many more areas. These are the state-of-the-art employment programs of our future.

Our technical schools and programs do not carry stigmas among students, that I have personally observed while working in schools in the past five years – they are proudly served by students eager

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