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August 27, 2015

Trail of the week: The Outback

Trail of the week: The Outback

The Outback, shown here in yellow, is a black diamond trail from the top of Killington Resort.

By Tony Accurso

The Outback, also known as trail 11, is a 2.7 mile machine built black diamond trail at Killington Resort. This trail consists of narrow, fast singletrack which winds back and forth as it descends Ramshead Mountain. Relative to the new flow trails located on Snowshed Mountain, one could consider this trail Old School. Riders will discover technical features such as berms, narrow bridges, rocks, and lots of things to pop off of.

For a killer, long downhill ride from the top, ride Scarecrow (trail 7), to The Outback ( trail 11) all the way to the bottom.


Tony Accurso is the owner of Alpine Bike Works and Fat Bikes of Vermont located at 2046 Route 4 in Killington.

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