February 22, 2017

Supporting the World Cup

Dear Editor,

In addition to voting to sunset the 1 percent local sales option tax, which I wrote about last week, I believe our town should also support the financial investment of contributing to hosting future World Cup events.
In November of this year, one of our town and Killington Resort’s proudest moments occurred, when the entire community came together and executed the Women’s World Cup. This event exposed our great community to an international audience, and we did it better than anyone thought we could have. The resort incurred a great expense in fulfilling this fantastic event. With hopes that the World Cup returns to Killington within the next few seasons, we as a community should do everything that we can to retain this world class event. It would be a tragedy for the town of Killington, if another community in the East was given the opportunity to host this event. Killington’s hosting of the World Cup exceeded both the participants and organizers expectations.
I truly hope this can continue to be the our signature event. It is my hope that the voters in our town can come together and support the return of the World Cup and look to sunset the sales and use options tax in the future.

Chris Karr, Killington

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