November 12, 2014

Red Ribbon Week successfully increased awareness for substance abuse and education

Dear Editor,

The Rutland Area Prevention Coalition thanks all of our partners around Rutland County who helped in the celebration of National Red Ribbon Week (Oct. 23-31)—a time set aside to stress the importance of healthy lifestyle choices, especially among youth. Anti-drunk-or-drugged driving messages are appropriately part of this event, and we thank the 10 area auto dealers who agreed to display clusters of red vehicles, as well as wooden red ribbons at their dealerships. Thank you to all the managers who agreed to participate with us, and all the staff involved in moving and arranging the vehicles displayed. The National Family Partnership organized the first nationwide Red Ribbon Campaign in 1988. The red ribbon was adopted as a memorial symbol by friends and neighbors of Enrique Camarena, a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent who was kidnapped and killed for coming closed top breaking up a drug cartel in Mexico. Each year, more and more communities and schools across America use Red Ribbon Week to educate youth and promote drug-free choices and character development.

Tina Coltey, Emily Marchinkowski, Ann Marie McNeil, Rutland Area Prevention Coalition

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