July 7, 2016

Politics vs. the people

Dear Editor,

I haven’t fully made my mind up yet about the national election, but there’s a weird similarity between the presidential campaign and the politics of Rutland, Vt. Without a doubt the presence of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump (both totally unlikely candidates) have demonstrated that change is in order. Both spoke clearly on the need to defeat “the establishment” and return to a government that’s more interested in the rights and best interests of the people as opposed to what works best for the insiders.

If you haven’t figured it out yet we’re in the beginning of a revolution. Britain just started theirs with the Brexit referendum and we have our own chance here to speak if we’re allowed to do so. Not about bigotry or selfishness, just the opportunity to speak, be heard and decide if we have a willing, ready and able community to promote change and new citizens . . . if we are allowed to do so.

Pretty simple stuff. What’s the argument?

Royal Barnard, Rutland City

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