June 28, 2017

Library roof repairs too expensive as proposed

Dear Editor,

I am urging the Select Board (for the second time) not to spend $290,000 of taxpayers’ money to repair/replace the Killington library roof.

If the current roof project goes through as planned, it will cost approximately six times the amount of a traditional asphalt shingle roof. I don’t see how anybody can justify spending this amount of money for this roof project, it is impractical and a bad business decision.

It appears that the focus is solely about complying with the analysis from “Zero by Degrees” rather than exploring other alternatives and economical options.

My suggestion;

1) install an all-metal roof or part upper asphalt shingles with metal on the lower roof perimeter.

2) I was previously told that in the past, access holes were made in the ceiling for repairs and etc. If that’s the case, they need to be re-insulated with traditional fiberglass insulation and closed up to avoid a heat vacuum.

3) I would not install a cold roof. It is a waste of money. Foam insulation is too expensive.

This option can be done for a fraction of the current proposal.

In the meantime, the new roof will need to be monitored during the winter months for ice and snow buildup. If the new lower metal roof shows signs of ice and snow buildup, an electric heat element can easily be added to the problematic area(s).

I hope the Board bases their decision as if they were indirectly paying out of their own pockets rather than with “Other People’s Money,” meaning taxpayers.

Bob Marrama


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