December 26, 2018

Killington Public Safety Building revised

Dear Editor,

The committee for the new public safety building along with representatives from each department and the design team met again after receiving the drawings which were presented in the Mountain Times.

The main discussion was to assess the drawings which were according to our previous discussions. At this meeting we looked for ways to have a slightly smaller facility while still meeting the needs of each department.

As a group we were able to make some agreed upon changes. The biggest change was to double up or reconfigure how the apparatus bays would work. We found that we could eliminate one entire bay by doubling how the trucks were parked.

The other main change was to lower the roof. Initially we had a higher ceiling/roof in the areas not over the bays. This would have allowed for future use as additional storage or potential living space if and when we needed a full time Fire Department. These were both seen as something which could be eliminated at this time as there is no immediate need.

While these two areas were eliminated from the present design, the overall layout allows for either of these to be added, when needed, on the ground level right next to the existing facilities on either side with minimal effect on the existing structure and layout.

His action has resulted in approximately 2,000 sq. ft. of space reduction, which cuts roughly $500,000 off the construction cost. These are best guess estimates by the design team.

The group will continue to review and assess the structure and costs at each meeting.

Thank you,

Stephen Finneron, Killington, Chair of the Citizen Committee

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