Celestial inspirations: See the sacred acts in all your actions, be wary of miscommunications

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Virgo Moon, one that is bathed in the afterglow of the midsummer crossquarter. Even though the solstice is technically over, it helps to remember that the lines of demarcation are not cut-and-dried in this reality — and the powerful energies that poured into the Matrix over the weekend are still coursing through our veins and filling our hearts with light.

As we entered the work week, it’s perfect that the moon is moving through the sign that has everything to do with the way we ‘integrate’ our hearts and minds with whatever’s going on in our lives at the mundane level. The sign of the Virgin is where everything we do becomes a sacred act, and all of our earthly affairs become a reflection of where we stand in relation to our own spirit.

Walking our talk and coming to every encounter knowing that God is always part of the equation will be part of the lesson for the next few days. If we can manage to pull it off, it’ll be a blessing, because Mars will not only be changing signs, it’ll be near enough to the Sun to create a combustible influence that could easily drive those of us with shorter fuses, right over the edge. Sun-Mars aspects make people right, even when they’re wrong — and it makes it hard to resolve our differences without getting into a conflict.

Part of the problem stems from an opposition between Chiron and the Moon, an aspect of short duration, under which many of us will have a hard time translating the mixed messages we’re getting from others. Misinterpreting things will lead to situations where everything gets skewed and people go off into their separate corners and start making stuff up in their heads and convincing themselves that it’s true. If we can stay abreast of our reactions and do our best not to allow people and their BS to trigger off our primary issues it’ll help to keep things from turning into a bad movie.

Fortunately, the potential for conflict is being embraced by two Grand Trines that will serve to take the edge off our difficulties, and/or, make it more than obvious that there are bigger fish to fry and they are more important. This will open the space for everyone involved to get over themselves and wake up to the fact that the greater good of ALL is what matters in every situation. As you contemplate your life and your activities over the next few days, be sure to keep that concept in mind, and, enjoy this weeks’ ‘scopes.

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