October 18, 2018

Quarry story lacks facts

Dear Editor,

We only recently were made aware of the article “Glimmerstone Quarry future hangs in the balance” by Julia Purdy. This article is so erroneous and one-sided that the 1,000 word limit in the comments section online did not allow full clarification…

Op - Ed
October 17, 2018

A backcountry opportunity

By Angelo Lynn

The new backcountry hut recently built at Chittenden Brook campground on the east side of Brandon Gap is more than a story about a few hikers and backcountry skiers wanting a comfortable shelter in which to camp. It’s a story about a…

Op - Ed
August 29, 2018

Will Trump drown in the swamp he created?

By Angelo Lynn

Not since President Richard Nixon has the United States faces the prospect of indicting a sitting president, and not since Nixon has a sitting president been implicated in a felony crime.

In Trump’s case, this first felony allegation relates to failing to…

Op - Ed
August 23, 2018

Well played, Mr. Sonneborn; Hallquist makes primary a race

By Angelo Lynn

Give Ethan Sonneborn, Bristol’s 14-year-old candidate for governor in the Democratic primary, a lot of credit. He entered the campaign because he thought it was important — crucial, even — to get involved and participate in the country’s democratic process….

Op - Ed
August 1, 2018

Remember to vote

By Secretary of State Jim Condos

The Aug. 14 Vermont Primary Election is just two weeks away. While there has been some indication of lower voter turnout, I hope that as Vermonters, we can make sure that’s not the case in our state.

Voting is…

Op - Ed
July 25, 2018

A matter of civic pride

By Angelo Lynn

Here’s a challenge for Vermont residents: Find an area dedicated to public use that needs cleaning up and work out a way to get it done.

Why do it? Three reasons: First, it’s not that hard. Second, it’s rewarding. Third,…

Op - Ed
June 2, 2018

Vetoing the $15 minimum wage was a good thing 

By Rob Roper

After watching the debate in the State House over the $15 minimum wage it is hard to see how any rational or compassionate person could have, at the end of the day, supported the policy. The potential good that it may have…

Op - Ed
May 23, 2018

Rep.Welch slams farm bill

By Angelo Lynn

Republicans in Congress said the tax cuts passed earlier this year would do great things for the economy and help individual Americans.

While most Americans were opposed to it, Republicans nonetheless claimed it to be a huge accomplishment, and told us just…

Op - Ed
May 16, 2018

Gov. Scott’s line in the sand

By Angelo Lynn

Gov. Phil Scott’s line-in-the-sand mantra not to raise a single tax or a single fee has made politics in Vermont’s capital more strident, divisive and unruly. The irony is that the governor himself is mild-mannered, affable, pragmatic and someone who seems to get…

Op - Ed
May 10, 2018

Vermont climate economy: The moment is now

By Harrison Bushnell

My first food was a testament to Vermont’s economy. As a baby, the story goes, my parents held me as we admired the steaming arch at our neighbors’ house. They took a small spoon and let me taste my first few drops…