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Workshops aimed to improve health

Change for a healthier lifestyle can be hard but did you know that there are workshops to support you!? There are many small steps you can take to improve your health. has free programs that are evidence-based to support you in learning how to manage and improve your own health.

The programs are designed to help you understand your central role in managing illness, making informed decisions about your care, and choosing to engage in healthy behaviors. Participants have many different health problems, but the peer learning environment lends itself to building community and a safe space for sharing common issues, barriers, as well as celebrating success.

In addition to the peer leading role-modeling, the group process is highly valued in the workshops, because it can facilitate social connections, reduces isolation, improve coping skills, and help participants to improve their own success. The research behind these evidence-based programs prove that the self-management behaviors gained have positive effects on quality of life and health-related outcomes, including the potential to reduce health care costs. The workshops include quit smoking, diabetes management, diabetes prevention, chronic pain management, chronic disease management and high blood pressure management. To learn about the programs, find a program location, and hear success stories from other Vermonters, visit the

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