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What’s holding you back?

One of the astrological highlights of 2022 happens this week, thanks to the arrival of Jupiter in Aries. It’s been well over a decade since Jupiter offered his benevolence and blessings to a particular area of your life. While on paper, Jupiter in Aries may not look as good as Jupiter in Pisces, there’s a lot to look forward to until late October. Fatigue will give way to action and confusion will become clarity. With renewed hope, faith and enthusiasm, you can make positive progress regarding a dream or something meaningful to you.

As Jupiter bursts into the fiery inferno of Aries, Mercury will embark upon a retrograde phase. Sure, there may be some delays or mishaps, but not enough to stall progress for too long. In fact, if there are a few crossed – wires this week they could turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

A dramatic Lunar Eclipse will backlight the weekend and set the tone for next week. Before you cast your gaze upon what’s possible for you over the next several months, ask yourself, what’s holding you back? An emotional break from the past may be required before you can fully embrace what the Cosmos has in store next.

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