We need change from Trump


Dear Editor

After two and a half years of investigation, it has been confirmed that Donald Trump, the former  president of the United States, has been indicted. This development comes as a relief to many  who have witnessed the consequences of his actions over the course of his term in office and the  consequences of having a dictator in office led us to.  

Nobody can forget his response to the Covid-19 pandemic, which resulted in the loss of  countless lives. His decisions and responses were heavily criticized and questioned by experts in  the medical field. The repercussions were felt by families and communities across the nation.  

Furthermore, it is essential to address Trump’s track record on issues such as sexism and racism.  These discriminatory attitudes not only divide our society but also undermine our progress  towards equality and justice for all. Many individuals have experienced firsthand the negative effects of his divisive agenda.  

We need to use this as a moment of ‘is this who we want representing the U.S.? No. We need  change where we do not move in the past and move towards a better future.  

 Hudson Ranney  

Student Activist, Windsor 

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