Trainer uses the Spartan experience to shape up clients

By Cristina Kumka

KILLINGTON — Beth knows best.

For many in training this summer for this weekend’s 15-plus mile Spartan Beast obstacle race, Killington trainer Beth Roberts replaced mom in the old adage.

How does she know how to train women and men from all walks of life to do one of the most extreme physical challenges?

Roberts did the Beast herself last year and although she vows her time in obstacle racing is over, her experience doing the race has taught her how to teach others.

In fact, this summer she vowed to push people out of their comfort zone more than ever before.

“Last year’s Beast was much more challenging than the previous years. The course layout was a huge test of endurance. The sandbags were heavier, we were in and out of the water more and the climbs were longer and steeper,” Roberts said. “I have incorporated more leg drills in classes this year and encouraged more hiking in general. On some training days, I had everyone jump in the pond halfway through class, do some burpees and go right back to hiking with sandbags. This builds strength but also gives them that mental edge that helps push your body when your mind wants to shut it down.”

Beth finished the race last year and she believes anyone can, with the proper training.

“Clients that are training for a Spartan [race] benefit from my style of Bootcamp conditioning in general, both mind and body. Classes are a combination of intense drills designed to let you work at your own pace but challenge you to push yourself to the next level. Mental toughness is key in any Spartan Race and strengthening confidence is just as important as the physical conditioning,” she said. “Everyone should do the Spartan Race. It will help you discover abilities you may not realize you have. Natural athletes will have an advantage but I believe anyone is capable.”

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Cristina Kumka is a freelance correspondent for The Mountain Times,

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