Tom Terenzini will work to prevent expensive and ineffective bureaucracies

Dear Editor,
Rutland Town has a clear choice for Representative to the Vermont House on election day, Nov. 4.
Tom Terenzini has represented Rutland Town’s interests very well. In the area of education, Rutland Town is a “Gold Town,” which means Rutland Town sends over a million dollars more in taxes from property owners to the state than it needs to educate its own students. This concept is by law Act 60/68, which the majority party in charge has done nothing to alleviate that burden for Rutland Town and other Gold Towns, such as Killington, even though they have had charge of all three components of law making capability for the last four years. In fact, things have gotten worse.
Tom Terenzini is sensitive to this inaction by the majority party and has voted to keep education costs in check consistently. For the most part, the majority party votes the party line, which is why we are still in the fix we are in. Education is but one area needing attention; Terenzini’s voting record in this area is in keeping with the taxpayers’ concerns whom I have visited with this campaign season.
Is it really in the best interests of taxpayers to turn health insurance over to the same folks who operate DMV, and built a bureaucracy in the education department the likes of which are unknown to most people in this state because they are “out of sight” but just keep sucking up our money?
Turning these two huge concerns around and getting oriented in a direction that is affordable, sensible, and user friendly will be done by folks like Tom Terenzini working for our interests in Montpelier.
Please join me and many others in being sure to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 4, and casting your ballot for Tom Terenzini, candidate for re-election, House of Reps, Town of Rutland.
James B. Hall, Center Rutland

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