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Time to refocus on kindness

Dear Editor,

This is an important time in history, a tipping point. The view of adversity and divisiveness is fogging the lens. A refocusing of our attention may change the view so we can see the light in the shadows. 

The restructuring of our country at this critical time requires a more expanded view of humanity. A conversation is between two or more people. To reach a level playing field, a return to basics is important. When six 2-year-olds are put in a room, they naturally start to hug each other and move around the room hugging. They continue to do that until the camera stops. 

So at the basic level, when we were kids we knew what was important. This isn’t data-driven research. This is the kindness factor. It could save the world if we only believed that it was there once and therefore could be again. 

Validation and connections for one another replace division. 

The money we are spending on data-driven research could be better placed in programs that demonstrate the kindness factor. For instance, the mental health system as it exists today does not recognize this factor on many levels. In the last month, the public has become aware of children with mental health needs sleeping on emergency room floors for days. Instead of money thrown at research, let’s use our logical minds to collaborate and find solutions. 

We are emerging from a global pandemic. What better time to refocus our lens?

Alexis McGuiness, Norwich

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