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The White River Valley Players’ Summernight was a success!

By Jerry LeBlond

The Burlington Taiko Drummers performed in the Rochester High School auditorium as part of Summernight.

By Ginny Bowman

ROCHESTER — On July 18, the weather for Rochester was predicted to be rainy and dotted with thunderstorms, but that did not happen, it was wonderful! The performers for all SummerNight locations provided a fabulous range of entertainment. The concert on the park was outdoors and the audience enjoyed picnic dinners as they listened to the Baba Yagas play. The Mountain Music Singers performed shape note songs and Danny Dover read his poetry with Dorothy Robson playing her original piano compositions. The Celtic music played by Frost & Fire could be heard throughout the village. Not one drop of rain fell as everyone moved from venue to venue. At the end of the evening, the Burlington Taiko Drummers performed heart-stopping, passionate drumming with a tiger dance that enchanted the audience. With the auditorium doors open, the incredible sound traveled up into the hollows as they played. The choice to locate this performance in the Rochester High School Auditorium saved the audience from being bitten by the summer bugs.

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