Summer lovin’

Summer is my favorite season. I’m happier when the sun is shining, the air is warm and the days are much longer. I’ve also discovered that it is a lot easier this time of year when I find love or when love finds me.

Finding summer love first became a pattern during the seven years I spent at co-ed sleep away camp. There it was a badge of honor to have a “boyfriend.” As prepubescent tween the relationship would typically last only two weeks and it consisted mainly of hand-holding and someone to call your own at the dance.

As an adult, summer has remained the ultimate time for romance for me. Everyone wants to be outside and there are endless adventures to go on. People shed their winter coats and trade up for a bathing suit. Killington, in particular, has a lot of romantic spots for the summer dates.

Here are some of my favorite spots:

Killington peak. One of my favorite paths is to Coop’s cabin along the Appalachian trail. Follow the blue spots and climb a quick steep trail from the very top of Killington at 4,241 feet above sea level to the cabin. There are terrific views of mountains and you can also see the town of Rutland, lakes, ponds, and the peak of Pico. My advice go right before the sun is going to set. Grab a bite at the Peak Lodge to add icing to your cake!

Woodward Reservoir. Grab stand up paddle boards and head to the lake. You can paddle, jump in the when it gets hot or just sit on the board and drift the day away. I like to paddle all the way from the launch area to the lifeguard stand at the other end of the lake. This is a great activity as you get the opportunity to chat for quite a while in a peaceful setting and show off some skin, your assets and if they are balanced (pun intended).

Golfing. I once had a date at Killington golf course, it was our first time meeting. Golfing nine holes at either one of Killinton’s golf course is worth it. Needless to say, it was one of the best first dates I had in a long time. It is an easy going activity and you really get to know each other between teeing off.

Thundering Falls Trail. Take a short walk on Killington’s boardwalk to Thundering Falls. I like to start here first then head over to Deers Leap at the top of the Sherburne Pass to hike to the lookout where you see great views of Pico Mountain.

Killington Adventure Park. Killington’s new adventure park is a great carnival type of date for adventure seekers. You get to fly through the air on the Soaring Eagle, zoom through the woods on the Mountain Coaster, climb a four story obstacle course and mountain bike on the new Snowshed trails.  Segway and ATV tours are also available.

Kent Pond. Sunsets are one on my favorite part of the day. Grab a bottle of wine, a blanket and sit on the small dock or on the banks. Watch the sun go down over the hills as its reflections bounces off the pond.

Secret Swing. The most treasured spot that I recently discovered is the “secret swing” under a bridge. It sits out over a pond that looks like an infinity pool. On a hot summer night it’s a great place to cool off. Sitting on the swing is magical. I’ve gone there with friends and lovers.

Of the Summer “loves” I’ve had over the years, some were as deep and short-lived as the ones I had back in summer camp; others turn out to be the most important relationships of my life. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, which has opened doors to many new opportunities in love and life.

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