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Student shows support of fired coach in text messages


A text message exchange shows a female student at Woodstock Union High School supported her snowboard coach after he was fired for alleged transphobic remarks, court documents reveal.

David Bloch, who founded the program at Woodstock Union High School, was fired in February after explaining he had a conversation about gender differences with two  athletes. A male athlete said it was unfair that a trans female on another team could compete against females while the female athlete called those remarks transphobic.

Bloch filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination, explaining he engaged in a brief conversation with the students about the biological and skeletal differences between males and females. Bloch said he was fired the next day by Superintendent Sherry Sousa after Sousa said she received a complaint.

The female student, whose identity is protected in Sept. 14 court documents, wondered if Bloch was fired because of her. 

“I didn’t tell anyone about it,” the student wrote. “Maybe somebody over heard (sic) it. I’m so sorry I feel like it was my fault because I’m the one who had the conversation with you.” 

Bloch said someone shared the conversation with the superintendent. 

“They made me out to be a monster,” Bloch told the student via text.

“You’ve done so much for me and the team,” the student said, adding, “I feel like I could do something to help bring you back to being our coach. It won’t be the same without you.” 

The student later told Bloch she was called into the office and told administrative staff the conversation “didn’t affect me or anyone on the team.” 

Bloch has argued in court documents his first amendment rights and due process rights were violated. He said he was fired before the district conducted an investigation, while  Sousa has maintained in court documents there was an investigation. 

  A trial date  has been set for August 2024 despite the school’s attempts to get the case tossed out. 

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