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State’s leak detection services helped save 30.4 million gallons of water

For the eighth year in a row, the Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC) offered free leak detection services to Vermont’s public water systems. Water systems serve homes, schools, and businesses and offer Vermonters clean, safe drinking water. 

In 2022, DEC helped 17 systems find and fix 21 leaks which saved 30.4 million gallons of water a year, according to a news release by the department March 8.

“With small, proactive fixes, water systems across Vermont saved enough water in one year to fill 46 Olympic-size swimming pools,” said DEC Commissioner John Beling. “By finding and quickly repairing leaks, we not only save water, but communities are also able to reduce treatment costs, avoid outages, and protect public health.”

Water leaks often go undetected until there is a significant problem. That is why it’s important for water districts and municipalities to conduct leak detection surveys every one to three years.

Fixing leaks often increases the life of a water system’s assets, such as pumps and filters. It also reduces the risk of costly emergencies, outages, damage, contamination, and legal fees.

To encourage proactive water-saving fixes at the local level and save communities money, DEC offers free leak detection services to water systems. As part of the process, DEC will follow up with system administrators to ensure leaks get fixed or there is an implementation plan.

“Our free leak detection services are very popular — and water systems are thrilled with the results,” said DEC Capacity Development Specialist Joshua Lochhead. “With new funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we will be able to double the funding for proactive leak detection services from $50,000 to $100,000 this summer and help more Vermont communities.”

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