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State predicts average daily Covid case count to double by end of month

By Polly Mikula

As the contagious effect that the Christmas and New Year’s holidays have had on the spread of Covid-19 in Vermont becomes better known, the state’s prognosis for the coming month worsens. Just last week the plateau in cases was predicted to max out at around 200 cases per day — now it’s 300. That’s double the current average. To put the increased risk in perspective Commissioner Michael Pieciak noted that Vermont had 871 new cases over five months (May-Sept.) and now in just the past five days (Jan. 7-11), the state has gained 888 new cases. Yet Vermont is still the safest state in the union with just 1 in 70 having been infected, according to the New York Times, Jan. 11.  Across the USA the ratio is 1 in 15. Rutland and Windsor counties fare even better with 1 in 101 and 1 in 95, respectively.

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  1. How much reporting was really done over the Christmas and New Year holidays? I’m sure some of those numbers are from before Christmas, and they’re getting caught up now.

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