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Sixth graders study solar

Courtesy of KES

Abigail Masillo, Hannah Black, and Heidi Alf tested the angles of solar panels at the angles of zero, 22, 40, 60, and 90 degrees.

By Hannah Black, Grade 6

The Killington Elementary sixth-graders have been working on experiments with photovoltaic cells, also known as solar power. We split up into groups to test how the angle of a solar panel (against a work light) affects how much voltage is produced. We used two sets of alligator clips, one solar panel, a voltmeter, a work light, a protractor, and a stack of books (to keep the solar panel level with the light) to conduct our experiment. We concluded that the angle of a solar panel against a light source does in fact matter. At 90 degrees it produced 3.75 volts and at zero degrees it produced only 2.0 volts.


By Chloe Masillo, Grade 4

Masillo interviewed several students from her fourth grade classroom about their experience at Starbase. Here is what they had to say:

“I learned about chromotography, and about air foils and air pressure. In Computer-Aided Design, I learned how to build a rocket!” said Mac Abrams.

“I learned about how to use Computer-Aided Design (C.A.D.). I also learned about the procedures of how to build a rocket,” said Paige Fieldhouse.

“I learned the different engine sizes that can be used in different rockets. I also learned how much we would weigh without fluids!” said Charles Rice.

“I learned about what some STEM jobs are. I also learned how to build a paper tent and how to protect ‘Eggbert’ when he lands on the moon!” said Jacob Roth.

“I learned how to use Computer-Aided Design. I also learned about the procedures behind a rocket launch and about the different sizes of rocket engines,” said Brexton Eckler.

“I learned how to program Lego robots. I also learned how to build a safe spaceship!” said Emma Blodorn.

“I learned that I have a group of creative, intelligent, and respectful students who can now call themselves engineers. I am so proud of how the fourth grade represented Killington while at Starbase,” said Miss Murray teacher.

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