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Sir Nose D’Voidoffunk dances

By Polly Lynn

KILLINGTON — Parliament Funkadelic (aka P. Funk, aka George Clinton) performed at the Pickle Barrel, Thursday, Feb. 19, as part of their international tour.

Sir Nose, with his signature low-hanging white fuzzy pants, large-brimmed hat and abstractly large nose, was a popular character on the Killington stage. P-Funk is famous not only for its far-reaching influence on many musical varieties through the decades, but also for its recurring fictional characters, themes and ideas in their concept albums and live shows.

In the P-Funk narrative, The Mothership is a fictional utopia, where there’s a non-stop party and funk thrives. However, the character of Sir Nose D’Voidoffunk (or Sir Nose for short), attempts to end the Funk because he is too cool to dance. He is the nemesis of Dr. Funkenstein (one of George Clinton’s many alter egos in the P-Funk mythology). Sir Nose eventually is forced to find his Funky soul and dances away the night.

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