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Shakin’ up the status quo

By Cassandra Tyndall

There are times when planets enter certain signs where we can anticipate a period of heightened ease or flow in whatever that planet symbolizes. Right now, Venus — the plant of harmony, peace and connection— is in one of her favorite signs: Taurus. Usually, that denotes a time of increased comfort, serenity and indulgence. While that may still be true, this time, it’s not as benevolent as one might hope for.

You see, the sky is always in motion and as planets move and change, they interact with other planets, thus influencing the way they behave.

Right now, Venus is like the good kid at school, bursting with potential and promise. Influenced by some new ideas from mixing with a different crowd, Venus is developing an attitude and resists all attempts at being subdued by authority. We’re seeing this collectively. But where might you be seeing this personally? There will be a particular area in your life where you’re ready to shake-up the status quo, where you are tired of the same boring routines and outcomes. Liberation is possible, but don’t think it will necessarily come from peaceful agreements. Revolutions are all around right now.

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