Rutland wins game before Can-Am tournament

By Maxx Steinmetz

In the final game leading up to the annual Can-Am rugby tournament held in Saranac and Lake Placid, Rutland hosted a Bennington/Black River (Ludlow) combined side dubbed the “Green Mountain Boys” in preparation for their games on Aug. 1.

In a game chock-full of unrefined offensive efforts, Adam Diemar continued his form from the kicking tee, adding points to every one of Rutland’s tries. Green Mountain Boys also had luck with the boot when their turn to add points arose.

With tries piling up and the score cards rolling over, the Green Mountain Boys mounted one final offensive attack, but in crossing the paint to touch the ball down and score, Rutland players were able to get under the ball to prevent its grounding. This try would have given the visitors the opportunity to level the scores with a successful attempt at conversion.

Play continued for a few short minutes after and when the final whistle blew, the scores stood in favor of the hosts, 35-28 Rutland over Green Mountain Boys. Captain Pete “Pepsi” Dayton of Rutland and Kyle Thompson of the Green Mountain Boys took Man-of-the-Match honors for their efforts on the pitch.

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