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Rutland Town principals get “Stuck for a buck!”

By Robin Alberti

On Friday, Nov 14, the Rutland Town Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) sponsored a creative fundraiser, “Stuck For A Buck.” The students were really attached to the idea of taping their principals to the wall.

“Stuck For A Buck” raised close to $500 in less than two hours for the PTO. School Principal Aaron Boynton and Assistant Principal Sarah Tetzleff stood on milk crates while students used duct tape to stick them to the wall.  Each child was given a foot of duct tape, and extra tape could be purchased for $1 per foot.  The students used their tape to stick their principals to the wall!

Steve Morneau, the vice president of the PTO, said the group found the idea in a PTO magazine and both Mr. Boynton and Mrs. Tetzleff were great sports.

“Every piece of duct tape up there has a donation behind it,” said Morneau. “We have over 70 members in the PTO. That is over half of the families whose kids attend Rutland Town School! Our mission, as a PTO, is to provide funding for items that are not in the school budget,” he continued.

Such items include funds for field trips and enrichment, and helping students cover costs of extracurricular activities if it is a financial burden for the student’s family. If a teacher has a request for doing something that the school budget does not cover, they can ask the PTO for their help.

“We do not want any kids to be left out of enrichment activities due to finances,”Morneau told The Mountain Times. 

As the old saying goes, “It takes a whole village to raise a child.” This is demonstrated by the commitment these parent volunteers provide for the good of all students.  Plus, what could be more fun than taping your principal to the wall?

A creative fundraiser indeed! Our hats are off to the Rutland Town PTO and their principals for orchastrating this successful event.

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