Rules of the Game

QUESTION: Meaghan and Kyle are playing in a tournament. On the 9th hole, Meaghan strokes her ball into a group trees and it rests against a tree root. The tree is within a ground under repair area. The ball, however, is against part of the root which is outside the ground under repair. Because the area of the tree is within the ground under repair, Meaghan says she is entitled to relief without penalty. Kyle says if she does lift the ball, she will be penalized. Is he correct?

ANSWER: Because the margin of ground under repair extends vertically downward, the part of the growing thing within ground under repair that extends beyond the area or below ground level is not ground under repair. Meaghan will be penalized if she takes relief without penalty. Kyle is correct. See USGA Decisions on the Rules of Golf, 2014-2015, 25/10.7

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By: Alan Jeffery is a professional golf instructor at GMNGC.

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