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Police investigate car submerged in river

Staff report

Police are investigating a car that was found submerged in Sutherland Falls Nov. 4.

Rutland County Sheriff Stephen Benard said a couple of kids found the Chevrolet Prizm in the river and reported it to the Proctor librarian. The librarian then called police around 4 p.m. on Nov. 4.

“We were able to determine that there was nobody in the vehicle,” Benard said.

Benard said he believes the car went into the river the night of Nov. 3.

Police determined the car belongs to Tanya Brace, 30, of Leicester.

Benard said a Proctor Fire Department member used a drone to see the license plates. He said Green Mountain Power also lowered the water coming over the falls low enough to see the back bumper of the car.

“The car was not reported stolen,” Benard said. “It’s just a question of how it ended up in the river.”

Benard said the incident is still under investigation.

The car remains in the river. Benard said he’s been in contact with the Agency of Natural Resources to determine how to remove the car.

“It’s in a spot that is essentially inaccessible,” Benard said. “We’re waiting for feedback from the state on what to do with it.”

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