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Pet owners: beware of poisonous gardens!

As Memorial Day approaches many in Central Vermont are getting excited about putting in gardens and planting flowers, ‘tis the season, and after a long cold winter we are all ready for some flowers! The Rutland County Humane Society would like to remind gardeners with pets, however, that there are poisonous plants to watch out for. Rhododendron and azaleas, for example, are toxic to both dogs and cats. Mushrooms and other Cycads (the Sago Palm is a popular houseplant in this category) can cause liver failure. Other dangerous plants include lily of the valley, oleander, foxblood and kalanchoe can damage your pet’s heart.

Fertilizer, too, can reek havoc on a pet’s health. Be carefully choosing fertilizer if you have pets and follow instructions carefully about when to let your pet outside unsupervised after spreading it. Be wary of Cocoa mulch, with its wonderful chocolate smell is tempting to dogs but it poses the same health risks chocolate can when consumed. Garden Tools, also can be hazards, which is rather obvious, but the dirt caked into sharp tools pose a risk for tetanus to you and your pet.

If your pet ingests something you think may be toxic, contact your veterinarian. In an emergency, there is a pet poison hotline that can be reached at 888-426-4435. (Charge apply for this service.)

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