Switching Gears

On ode to the trail builders

By Ariel Kent
KILLINGTON—A trail builder is someone who has dedicated his or her time to creating a network of mountain bike trails that he or she can enjoy but, more importantly, that others can enjoy. The hard work of a trail builder often goes unnoticed, many not even realizing the hard work and time it takes to build a small section of trail, whether it be technical singletrack or wide flowy bermed trails. Trail builders are everywhere but the crew at Killington is a special bunch.
Most of the guys on the Killington trail crew have been working to maintain and develop the resort trails for years. Some are newer, bringing fresh ideas to the table and together creating a spectacular variety of downhill trails. In the past three years we’ve seen more trail development in the Killington area than we have since the trails were first built about 25 years ago. This small group of trail builders are waking up early, often hiking up the mountain to their gear and working through heat, bugs, blood, sweat and mud to build trail. This work takes dedication, sacrifice and passion.
Putting in so much hard work and with the help of Gravity Logic we have seen investments in summer attractions starting to pay off and the hard work, by the seemingly unnoticed trail crew, gaining recognition. It’s no easy job being a trail builder and it requires a great deal of passion to do what they do. It actually doesn’t go unnoticed. I think all of us who ride at Killington and even at surrounding networks in the area appreciate the work of trail builders, truly!  We locals, as a community, as a network of riders recognize the investment you’ve put into an undeveloped area and appreciate it.
Maintaining such a vast trail network is no easy feat. And with increased usage it’s becoming harder and harder to keep up with the vastness of the trails. A special thank you to Rosey, Will, Ian and everyone else in the trail crew. You guys deserve an ice cold beer or two.

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