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My daughter understands better than the governor

Dear Editor,

This is in direct response to the article “Monkey Wrench: How the Delta Variant Caught Vermont Off Guard,” published in the Mountain Times Oct. 6.

Why do case counts remain stubbornly high, despite vaccination of so many eligible Vermonters? Community spread. Without pairing vaccines with other mitigation measures, cases will increase or remain high.

I don’t understand why this administration is so ridiculously unresponsive, after so many months of responsiveness and care.

Further, it is completely unhelpful to say to Vermonters, again and again, that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated — when so many of us (read: children under 12) aren’t even eligible for vaccination. And I’m not the only mother who’s tired of this verbiage. It’s both grating and angering.

My 10-year-old daughter — more than many, many Vermonters, more than the governor — knows that we’re all in this together, even at this point, especially at this point. She’s dismayed when she sees people who don’t wear masks.

Yes, I’m fully vaccinated, but in solidarity with her and because I want her to know that some Vermonters have her back, I always wear a mask when we go out in public. She deserves this.

Elaine Cissi, South Burlington

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