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Mother Earth is in a state of emergency

By Cal Garrison a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s horoscopes are coming out under the light of a brand new, Gemini moon. A long time ago, when I was living in a cabin up in eastern New York State, I noticed that it was under the light of the new moon in Gemini, and within the next two weeks, that the eggs of the snapping turtles would hatch, and the baby snappers would emerge from the ground and crawl back to the nearby creeks and rivers to begin their life here on planet earth.

From the Native American perspective, the turtle is the totem for the Great Earth Mother. It symbolizes, good health, long life, and plays a big part in all of the indigenous creation myths. In those stories, the United States is referred to as “Turtle Island.”

While the words that follow may not seem to be astrologically related, at a much deeper level they are – because the times that we are in find us standing at a millennial crossroad, a point at which our choices, and where we decide to put our focus, matter more than anything. As the baby snapping turtles inch their way back to the source, I hope that this excerpt from “The Weiser Field Guide to Ascension,” written by me back in 2010, will inspire you to consider your place in the scheme of things, and open your hearts to the idea that it is at this moment in time that we have the opportunity to begin again.

Here it is:

Before we get into the story, it will help you to know a little bit about the Kogi Mamas. Also known as the “Elder Elders” of the Mayan Nation, the Mamas are the High Priests of the Kogi Tribe. Revered by their people as super human entities their consciousness is part of the Earth’s consciousness and their spiritual abilities are directed at making sure that Mother Earth, or Aluna is maintained in a state of perfect health. The Kogi believe that without the Mamas, the planet would die.

From the time they are in the womb, it is known that these special individuals are the ones who are destined to be the tribal wisdom keepers. In some instances a Mama is identified after their birth, but either way, their training begins as soon as they are recognized. The following quote from Drunvalo’s book, ‘Living in the Heart’ talks about what happens to a Kogi Mama the moment they enter this world:

“What is incredibly interesting is that when a baby who is or will become a Mama is discovered within the Kogi tribe, it is taken to an unusual place for special training and upbringing. In the old days, this was a completely dark cave, but today the baby is taken to a special building constructed of all natural materials where no light can enter. In almost complete darkness, this special baby will be fed only white foods while it grows up and given just enough light so as not to go blind. The baby also receives a most unusual spiritual training. For nine years this baby remains in complete darkness, learning to see without using the eyes, just like the super psychic children who are emerging around the world. At nine years of age, the young child is brought out into the light to learn how to see with the eyes.

Their spiritual training continues after they leave the darkness, but before they learn about anything else the Mamas learn about the inner realms; unlike us, they begin their lives in the heart. Connected to Source their consciousness evolves in ways that allow it to move anywhere and the Mamas develop the ability to see, and be, anywhere in the world without having to leave their home. What none of us ever knew is that generations of Kogi Elders have watched over the Earth from the highest mountains of northern Colombia; despite any doubt we may have about it, it is they who have kept her spinning.

If their supernatural abilities allow them to see and be anywhere, they also endow the Mamas with the gift of prophecy, and this is where the story really begins; because in 13,000 years the Kogi Mamas have never been wrong about any of their predictions, and when the one they made in 1999 didn’t come to pass, it confounded them enough to go looking for a reason why.

In their visions the Mamas could see that the Earth was in a near-death state as early as 1990. Because of this, they decided to extend themselves to the outside world in an attempt to warn us and inspire us to change our ways before things got any worse. Those efforts resulted in a documentary film that was produced by the BBC entitled: “The Elder Brothers Warning; the Message from the Heart of the World”. Aired in 1990 and still available on video, the film opened many of our eyes, but it didn’t circulate widely enough to have an impact.

Less than a decade after the BBC introduced them to us, the Mamas could see that ‘Aluna’ was in a state of emergency and that she would surely be dead by or before Aug. 11, 1999; all of their visions confirmed this. When Aug. 11 came and went without a tremor the Mamas went into their hearts to see what it was that had kept their prediction coming true. Drunvalo’s account of the story tells us exactly what happened:

“According to the Kogi Mamas, by the last solar eclipse of the twentieth century, on Aug. 11, 1999, all the techno-cultural peoples of the world should have gone to another dimension of the Earth’s consciousness, leaving behind the indigenous and natural peoples of the world to inherit the physical planet. (This is reminiscent of the Bible’s words that the “meek shall inherit the Earth.” This prediction is also very similar to what Edgar Cayce, the ‘sleeping prophet,’ said, that by the winter of 1998 the poles of the Earth would shift and an enormous change would happen on Earth. Many New Age people thought this meant that most of the consciousness of the world would move into the Fourth Dimension.)

The young man (who relayed this information to Drunvalo) moved closer to me as if to emphasize what he was about to tell me. He lowered his voice and whispered, “On Aug. 12, 1999, the Kogi Mamas saw that we, the techno-culture, were still here on Earth. They went into a deep meditation to see why, since this was the first time in their long history that one of their predictions didn’t come true.”

According to him, there in the darkness the Kogi Mamas could see lights all over the surface of the planet – and they had not been there before. In investigating these lights, the Mamas found that they were the lights of people who had learned about their Light Bodies, which in ancient times were called ‘Mer-Ka-Bas. It was the Mamas’ belief that these people with their Light Bodies had changed the course of history.

As a teacher of the science of the Mer-Ka-Ba, I know that once we remember our Mer-Ka-Ba, we can, with certain training, alter the external world by what we think and feel. According to the Kogi Mamas, some of us did change the outer world so much that a new reality was created.”

Out of gratitude for the work that Drunvalo has done the Mamas sent a gift along with the emissary who showed up mysteriously at the end of a workshop to deliver their message. After he finished telling Drunvalo what they had seen, the young man handed him a small bundle of tobacco, wrapped in red felt and said,

“The Kogi Mamas wish to thank you for teaching about the Mer-Ka-Ba and for changing the world in the process.”

Ever since I was a kid, in and around all the other things that have filled up my life, my main focus has always been my spiritual work. After 50 years on a path that began in earnest when I was a teenager, I didn’t come across Drunvalo’s work until 1997. Since that time, the Mer-Ka-Ba Teachings have been my spiritual mainstay. Every time I meditate I see how it changes the conditions in my outer reality and I have always held the faith that the work that I do inside myself has an impact on the greater whole. It wasn’t until the Kogi story came to my attention that I had any concrete evidence to prove that my meditations were more than just a way to make my own life better.

The network of lights that the Kogi saw stretched out across the planet is made up of thousands of people. All of them are connected by the same wish and, along with the Mer-Ka-Ba Meditation all of them understand the secrets of the heart. If it amazes you that a small percentage of the human population could do that much to change the world, try to imagine what we could do if all of us turned our attention toward the teachings of the heart. Does the Kogi story call up a desire to turn on your light? With the ascension process so clearly imminent does anything else matter?

Let me leave you with that, and invite you to take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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