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Matt Reveal withdraws his name for consideration as Rutland’s next Alderman

Mayor nominates Joe Barbagallo

By Jacob Knipes

During the “communications from the mayor” portion of the Aug. 1 Board of Aldermen meeting, Mayor David Allaire announced that after some consideration Matt Reveal had withdrawn his nomination to the board. Reveal was previously nominated for the vacancy, first created by Devon Neary’s departure from the board in late June, at the July 18 meeting.

Allaire discussed the process behind the decision and thanked Reveal, a former Alderman who served from 2019-2020.

“Several days ago, I had a chance to sit down with Matt Reveal and discussed his nomination,” Allaire said during the meeting. “With his increasing working commitments and other considerations, we have decided to withdraw the nomination. I want to thank Matt for his willingness to step up and serve, as I believe he would’ve done a terrific job here on the Board of Aldermen.”

With Reveal removed from the running, Allaire began to look for a new candidate to fill the vacancy on the board.

“So I immediately went to work to find a nominee for this board. After consulting with several of my colleagues and others, I reached out to someone who I have the greatest respect for through his lifelong service in multiple roles here in the city of Rutland,” Allaire said.

That someone is Joe Barbagallo, whom Allaire later confirmed as his new nominee. Allaire cited Barbagallo’s time as a member of the Board of Civil Authority and as Justice of the Peace managing reappraisal appeals as experience that qualifies Barbagallo for the role.

Allaire went on to compliment Barbagallo and discuss his fit on the board.

“Joe is well-respected in this community, will bring a much needed balance to this board and will fill this vacancy with vigor and respect…so I enthusiastically present the name of Joe Barbagallo to fill the vacancy on the Board of Aldermen,” Allaire said.

After Allaire finished speaking at the meeting, Barbagallo stepped up to the microphone to thank the board for its consideration.

“I just wanted to thank everyone for the opportunity,” Barbagallo said. “I have been living in Rutland for about 14 years now. I have really grown to consider this home now and I have seen Rutland grow in the 14 years I’ve been here. I am really excited to help the city of Rutland continue to grow and being able to be a part of that.”

So long as there are no more withdrawals or changes, Barbagallo’s nomination will be voted on by the Board of Aldermen at their next meeting on Aug. 15.

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