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Lunar phase   

Midnight sky,

Sphere glows bright

Cast ethereal beams at night.

Full moon gleaming satellite

Set controls for patterned flight

Captive sight,

Cosmic trance,

Darkness brightened, glow enhanced.

Guiding souls

From distance far

Guarding dreams

Where light is sparce

Through darks embrace

On endless days

Captivating lunar phase.

The full moon has been quite noticeable the last few nights as the moon has reached a lunar phase when the sun illuminates 99.9% of the moon’s face. It occurs when the sun and moon are aligned on opposite sides of Earth, with 12 full moons per year. The moon’s orbit is characterized by perigee and apogee points, with supermoons near the perigee and micromoons near the apogee. Changes in perspective allow up to 59% of the moon’s surface to be visible from Earth. The full moon phase has influenced human culture for millennia, including Easter Sunday, deities, mental illness, supernatural transformations, sleep, crime, and more.



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