Lift Lines – March 6-12, 2018



“Ear buds/headphones while skiing/riding? Do you use them? What’s your take on them?”

Britany Motisko

Alan Koswick (right)

Cohasset, Massachusetts
“But my heart is in Vermont”

“I think they are a bad idea. It’s a safety issue. You need to be able to hear what’s going on around you and pay attention.”

Brian Szela (left)

Framingham, Massachusetts

“I don’t use them. You’re on the mountain to enjoy being out in nature. The sounds are part of the experience. I love to hear the sound of my skis digging into the snow.”

Kacy Schuend

Kevin Koswick, with his dog, Maggie

Northville, Michigan

“I don’t use them. I enjoy hearing everything around me. My favorite part of the day is apres ski with Maggie. She loves the snow.”

Joel Reimer

Bill Shortle

Rutland, Vermont

“I use them when I ride alone. If I’m out with my kids or other people I want to be able to hear them.” 

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