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Let your inner voice guide you

By Cassandra Tyndall

A lot has changed in the skies since last week. Venus, after four long months in Capricorn, is finally in Aquarius and so is Mars. While tensions, battles or relationship dynamics are still a part of the picture, they take on a new face. As we move forward through March, it may pay to remember that united we stand, divided we fall.

Thinking planet Mercury also changes, as it moves into the whimsical realm of Pisces. The next few weeks may help you remember that feelings become thoughts and thoughts become things. Paying extra attention to how you think and feel can help navigate the increasing complex dynamics on the world stage. One feature of Mercury in Pisces is that it’s welcomed with open arms by expansive and mystical, Jupiter and Neptune. This planetary combination may support you in thinking more about the big picture and the possibilities, rather than the here and now. One thing to be watchful of is where your mind might wander to if your mind opens up too much. Delusions, illusions and propaganda are rife, so don’t believe everything you’re told. If in doubt, return to your inner voice – it never lies to you.

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