Killington Softball League: The award goes to…

Congrats again to Clearly Moguls for winning the 2014 Killington Softball League Championship. On Monday, the All-Star Game was held which means the season has officially come to a close. This game is fun because teams are randomly selected and teammates get to face each other for the first time. The East Squad was made up of the following players, representing their teams: From Clearly Moguls, DJ Dave, Ronzoni, Brando and Brain; from McGrath’s, Prior and Esra; from Phat’s, Loco and Evan; from Heavy Hitter’s, Wild Bill; and from Chicks with Sticks, Creeper. The West Squad was Clearly Moguls Brett, Bubba, Hunter and Will; The Phat’s Coach Craig; and The Heavy Hitter’s Mild Megan, Vince, Chad, Phil and Matt. The East used the two pitcher rotation with Prior starting the game and Creeper coming in to close it. The West was a one man show with Brett “Zoni Impersonator” Regimbald on the mound. Regimbald put the West on the board first, although a close play at home with DJ Dave as catcher almost put a stop to that. The West jumped out to a 3-0 lead after Bubba smacked an inside-the-park home run and this time he made it around the bases without face planting as he did in game three of the championship. The East responded with six runs behind some big hits from Esra, Loco and Wild Bill. The West fired up the hit machine and regained the lead 7-6. They had a chance for more but Creeper fired up his “Cold Beer K” machine and delivered two to Chad and Phil. The East made it two in a row with an 11-7 win powered by a three run blast by Rookie of the Year Evan Anderson. Game MVP honors went to Creeper who hadn’t played in over six years but was voted in by the fans. He had three “CBK’s” total and some good “D.”

Awards were handed out to these individuals for their outstanding efforts this season:

Championship MVP – Ronzoni

Gold Glove – Brett Regimbald (Clearly Moguls)

Rookie of the Year – Evan Anderson (Phat Italian)

Best Sportsmanship – Brandon “Red” Terwilliger (STF)

Best Party – TIE: Moguls Sports Pub & McGrath’s Irish Pub

Best CBK – Heather Grev – (Only at-bat of the season)

Fan of the Year – NoNo

Stat of the Year – Judd Washburn (6-8 with two walks, 10 RBI & nine runs scored in two games)

Biggest Blowout – Phat Italian (38-0 in only two innings vs Heavy Hitters)

Best Game for a Pitcher – Jeremy Prior (McGrath’s vs Heavy Hitters. Two walks away from a perfect game, but got the no-hitter)

Best Burn of a Pitcher – Judd Washburn (vs Phat Italian’s Matt Anderson. Hit two game winning home runs off a mis-pitch)

Best Web Gem vs Clearly Moguls – Tweed Bus Bob (McGrath’s, robbing both Brett & Judd of home runs with leaping catches as he fell over the fence)

Best Web Gem vs Rest of the League – Jimmy the Ump (Playing in his only game of season, robbing Big Shawn of a home run as he leapt and caught the ball falling through the fence)

Purple Heart – Steve “Killer” Kent (Phat Italian)

Game of the Year – McGrath’s Irish Pub (vs Phat Italian, Down 5-3 in seventh, tied it to send it to extras and then scored two in eigth to win 7-5. Plus they had to hold off the Phat twice)

Best Home Run – Brett Regimbald (Clearly Moguls vs STF. Game winning grand slam in the seventh to break a 2-2 tie)

This season would not have been possible without the help from these people:
Pabst Blue Ribbon, Dave Kasper, Brian Koswick, The Mountain Times, Bob Lanctot, Killington Parks and Rec., Bridgewater Parks and Rec., Commissioner DJ Dave Hoffenberg, Jackie Blue, Jeff Hedgewald, Jim Lewis, Steve Cosgrove, Sal Salmeri, Clear River Tavern, Moguls Sports Pub, Phat Italian Deli, McGrath’s Irish Pub, Killington Resort, Long Trail Brewery, Boss Office Works and all the great players that make up this league.

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