Killington softball league: clear leaders

By Dave Hoffenberg

The Outback Wolf Pack broke into the win column and kept the Killington Deli winless. The game was so bad for the Killington Deli that it wasn’t even a competition. It should be noted that last week Matt Kinsman said Kayla Sarajian has a cannon for an arm. He meant shortstop Kailee Munden-Beebower.

The Garlic McGraths vs. Max Team

The Garlic McGraths took over first place with two absolutely dominating wins against the Max Team. The first game, they almost had to go to another page in the book. (Softball games last seven innings and a book has room for nine.) They batted through their order so many times, it almost happened. In the first inning, the first six batters scored runs before the bottom of the order got the outs. In the second inning, they hit through the order a league record three times to the tune of 21 runs!

Max Team was able to start the game scoring one run but that was it for a while. In the third inning, both teams found success which in this game was rare. G.M. added six more runs and Max Team was able to score seven. It was the first inning they won but they were still down 32-8. Max Team woke up the defense in the fourth inning and for the first time all game, they held G.M. scoreless. That was a victory in itself for Max Team since they were not getting a win tonight. G.M. added two runs in the fifth to seal a 34-8 mercy win. This win was a solid team effort with every player for G.M. scoring at least three runs and some like Ezra Lemieux, Jeremy Prior and Nate Mispel scoring five a piece. Only one suffered a “Cold Beer K” and that was Zach “Cookie” Cook.

The second game of the doubleheader was more of the same. G.M. scored six runs and batted through the order in the first inning again. Max team scored two in the second but G.M. batted through twice for 15 runs and a 21-2 lead. This game Max team was able to wake up the “D” one inning earlier in the third, holding them scoreless. Or, maybe G.M. needed a breather for scoring all those runs? Either way, Lemieux suffered a “CBK” that scoreless inning.

G.M. bounced back in the fourth, scoring nine runs while Max Team only scored two. G.M. didn’t need another at-bat and once again a mercy defeat for Max Team. This time 30-6. This game every G.M. player scored at least two runs and Prior again scored five.

Clearly Moguls vs. Killington Resort

The only game of the week that saw a see-saw battle was between Clearly Moguls and Killington Resort. C.M. started the scoring in the top of first with four runs behind two nice looking sacs from Judd “Eskimo Bro” Washburn and new guy Josh “Purple Man” Souza. The Resort team was able to cut the lead to one (4-3) behind RBI’s from Chandler “King of Spring” Burgess, Collin Greene and new guy Nate “Bear” Stoodley. This was Burgess first game out of a three year retirement.

The Resort took the lead in the second (5-4) behind an RBI from Matt Kinsman and a bases loaded walk from pitcher Jeremy “Jackie Blue” Livesey. Could Livesey’s undefeated lifetime streak be in jeopardy? C.M. quickly changed that and regained the lead 6-5 behind a nice looking sac from Angel Shannon and a RBI from Washburn. They had a chance for more but Livesey suffered a “CBK” to end the inning and cement his nickname “Twelve Pack Jack.” Stoodley tied it in the bottom of the third with a solo bomb to left field. Souza and Tall Tom Gilligan scored in the fourth to regain the lead 8-6. This was the kind of game that having the last at-bat could be the deciding factor. Unfortunately for the Resort, it was not. They were held scoreless in the fourth and Livesey delivered a “CBK.” C.M. blew the game wide open in the fifth with seven runs. Four of those came off a monster grand slam by Gilligan. The Resort only scored one more.

C.M. added four more runs and this time it was the bottom of the order that produced. New guy Tucker Zink burned Rutland softball veteran Stoodley with a shot over his head and then showed his speed with an inside-the-park home run. If the nail was not already in the coffin, this helped drive it in. Russell “The Love Muscle” Dalglish put the icing on the cake with a bases-clearing triple in the seventh to cement the 19-7 victory.


Wednesday, June 15

Outback Wolf Pack vs. Garlic McGraths at Killington 5:50 p.m.

Killington Resort vs. Max Team at Killington 7 p.m.

Clearly Moguls vs. Killington Deli  at Bridgewater 5:50 p.m./7 p.m.


Garlic McGrath’s 3-0

Clearly Moguls 2-0

Killington Resort 2-1

Outback Wolf Pack 1-2

Killington Deli 0-2

Max Team 0-3

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