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Killington Selectboard discusses library roof, marketing, budgets, Nov. 1

On Tuesday, Nov. 1, the Killington Selectboard held a regularly scheduled meeting. Here are a few of the highlights, per the meeting minutes reported.
Library Roof update
Town Manager Debby Schwartz reported that the contract for the library roof  has been reviewed by counsel who discovered some things that it would be in the town’s best interest to correct. She stated that the town should be able to execute the contract by the end of the week.
Andy Salamon voiced a concern that due to the time of the year and weather conditions that can cause problems with a roofing project such as high winds or extreme cold, that there need to be sufficient clauses in the contract covering  possibilities.
Schwartz responded with assurances that the town has been doing due diligence to cover these contingencies, and has been assured that the project can be completed according to the specifications outlined.
World Cup organizing committee
Town Manager Schwartz reported that the local organizing committee met throughout much of the morning one day last week to discuss plans, timing and contingencies. She stated that the resort has expended 5,000 snowgun hours and millions of gallons of water to establish a 10-foot base on the mountain.
Kim Peters, director of parks and recreation/interim marketing and events coordinator added that citizens from 20 countries will be in attendance. The number of spectators is expected to be from 12,000-15,000, whereas when the discussions began, the numbers were 3,000 to 5,000.  The higher number would be considered “normal” for Killington Resort to accommodate except that they will be concentrated in one area as opposed to scattered out. There will be 96 competitors, approximately 100 officials and approximately 200 media present. More information will be provided at the meeting on Nov. 15.
FY2018 budget review
Town Manager Schwartz reported that department heads are drafting and submitting their budgets to fit the NEMRC format. This week she will be sitting down to review planning, recreation, library, and road budgets. She added that other internal reviews are being scheduled prior to the presentations to the Select Board so that everyone is aligned.
Dave Soucy, general manager of Green Mountain National Golf Course (GMNGC), explained that the golf budget numbers were through the month of September, adding that GMNGC has about $6,000 less in revenue compared to September of last year, but that October was very good.
Marketing and events update
KIm Peters said she is making decisions on how to schedule KPAA-specific coverage in the Welcome Center, noting that Noellen Neisner is by herself and needs some help to step away from the desk and make personal connections with members. Peters reported that besides day-to-day operations, she’ll be looking at the overall picture and how to restructure for greater efficiency. Schwartz added that Peters is already interviewing for the split assistant position at both locations.

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