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Reflection: Killington Reunion Weekend promise rekindled friendship and memories

By Bobby Lanctot

Watch the preview video HERE

As a reporter, one must stay objective and not become the story they are telling. Therefore, this is no longer a “news story” as much as a personal reflection.

Just 24 hours after I taped interviews previewing the upcoming ”Killington Reunion Weekend” starting Friday, June 26, I find myself in a constant state of reflection.

The reunion weekend — a.k.a. the “We Ain’t Dead Yet” celebration, quoting Oke O’Brien who said “Let’s see if we can’t get folks together while we’re still alive” instead of reuniting at memorial services — was started by a group of local killington “lifers” who decided to have a reunion, much like a college or high school class would.

As I watched the playback of taping, I received a Facebook page message, it was the notice form a high school friend, Packy Mulvehill, letting a group of former schoolmates know that our friend Frankie Clark, had lost is battle with stage four stomach cancer.

I didn’t see Frankie Clark at my 30th High School Reunion, he was to sick to make it. Clark was one of the first of my friends to pass on since college, he was 48. I turn 50 this year.

I have lived in the Killington area for the past seven years. I relate to many of the people you will see in the interviews I filmed. Their stories of why they came to Vermont, and not just Vermont, but Killington, specifically, resonate — I’m sure many will feel the same. My time here in Killington has been one of the greatest times of my life, as many others comment.

But many of us leave and move on to new places, seeking new mountains to climb so to speak. Some are drawn away in career-related with “adult” responsibilities. But Killington remains a special place full of sacred memories.

The Killington Reunion is a way for us to reconnect and to get back to that place — and also to remember all the “bad choices” you did to make it so much fun…

Most of the people who I interviewed came here in the late 60s and early 70s, their stories reflect the times.

Organizers encourage folks to bring a friend or two from, that “never gone by era” (it’s ok to bring the wife/hubby and kids, too, you don’t have to have lived it to participate!) The Summit Lodge kicks off the weekend on Friday night starting at 5 p.m.

For more information visit the Killington Reunion Weekend page on Facebook. Watch interviews from folks who lived it back in “the good ol’ days” at mountiantimes.info and see photos of the event in next week’s edition of The Mountain Times.

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