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Killington Resort treats employees to free gas and food

By Brooke Geery

On Thursday and Friday, April 21 and 22, all current employees of Killington Resort were invited to pull up to the gas pumps outside the vehicle maintenance building, where various members of the Resort Leadership Team (RLT) — from Pico and Summer Operations Manager Rich McCoy to Director of Marketing & Sales Jordan Spear, and even President and General Manager Mike Solimano — were ready and waiting to fill up their tanks.

By Brooke Geery
Killington Resort President Mike Solimano (left) and Jordan Spear, director of marketing, sales and reservations (right) fill a tank of gas and clean a car for an employee.

The bosses were organized and managed by the events team, who also lent a hand in keeping things moving quickly.

“I am on my lunch break and at Killington and they are doing a free gas giveaway,” food and beverage team member Mary Austin said in a video on social media. “They’re filling everybody’s car and washing our windows. That’s one of the million reasons I love working for Killington. They are so considerate to all of their employees, and it was a great day because my gas light just turned on. Yay!”

As the liquid gold was pumped, the RLT went about diligently cleaning every windshield and window while the employees were invited to kick back and stay in their cars. A total of 3,000 gallons of gas were given away over two days. After a season of long winter days and unprecedented dedication from workers in all departments, Killington Resort is proud to be able to offer such events as a token of appreciation for a job well done.

By Brook Geery

“Our team works so hard to provide the best experience to all our guests and we are always looking for ways to show our appreciation for their hard work,” Solimano said. “We discussed giving gift cards but giving out gas and having the management team clean their car windows makes it more personal.”

The gas giveaway was followed up on Tuesday, April 26 with another sort of fill up. This time, the staff was invited to the Snowshed Base Lodge to pick up bags of food with everything needed for a barbecue to kick off the summer in style. Bags included over $70 worth of grub including enough hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken to throw a party, plus veggies and all the fixin’s peanut butter, jelly and dessert.

“We started the food giveaways during Covid as a way to clean out our freezers when we closed abruptly, but they were so well received that we have continued them,” Solimano said. “Now we are not cleaning out the freezers but buying food to give away to staff — each time trying to have a different theme for the food choices. Getting ready for summer we decided on a barbeque theme for this giveaway. We expect to give away about $25k of food during this event.”

Employee appreciation events such as this one are just one of the many perks of working behind the scenes or on the front lines at Killington Resort, and we are hiring. For more info visit killington.com/jobs.

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