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Killington Recreation Center debuts new features

KILLINGTON—New features have been installed at the Killington Recreation Center this summer. A new playground was installed this past year with the help of the town’s highway crew, and Killington campers have had a blast on the new playground and are enjoying the new features, reported Kim Peters, Killington recreation director.  The extended plan is to continue to add to the existing playground, and there is plenty of room at the recreation center to add on, she continued.

The town also added a GA GA pit. “You may not know what this is, but the kids sure do! And it is a fast game to learn,” said Peters. “The Killington Campers and counselors cannot get enough of this game.”

Volunteers Andrew McKenna, Roger Rivera, Eli Kirschner, and Paul Holmes spent over 20 hours putting the GA GA pit together.

Other additions include picnic tables for ages 2-7, an updated air hockey table in the pool area and a white tent behind the basketball courts used for shelter from rain, sun and for rest.

“Thanks for the new air hockey table, the old one did not work, and this one is awesome!” said Chrisopher Agard, age 13.

Upcoming projects

The Parks and Recreation Center does have some upcoming projects that need attention. The Parks and Recreation Commission and director will begin to tackle the following next year:

The baby pool.  The baby pool is currently not able to be open due to pipe issues. The goal is to have this fixed for next summer.

The tennis courts.  The tennis courts are in desperate need of resurfacing.  This is a very costly project, and the Recreation Commission will begin to plan accordingly.

The small baseball field. The recreation center has three baseball fields, and only one is being used. The recreation commission will be exploring alternative options for the small field.

The pool. Although Killington is fortunate to have a working pool, we need to begin to plan for the future so that this community benefit can continue, said Peters.

For more information or to help, email Kim Peters at

Photo courtesy of Killington Recreation Department

Summer campers play the latest game at the Killington Recreation Center, GA GA. 

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