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Killington Mountain School achieves full accreditation

KILLINGTON—Killington Mountain School has been granted full institutional accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). The recognition comes after a multi-year process that included a comprehensive, two-year self-study and review, the submission of a 90 page document compiled by the school, and an on-site visit by a NEASC committee. The fact that KMS received accreditation reflects the strength of the school’s programming and staff and also the positive student experience.

Seven NEASC committee members visited the school for three days in May, observing the students and talking at length with every member of the faculty and staff. The team (which consisted of educational peers, including administrators, teachers, directors of college counseling, and deans of students) attended all-school meetings and ate meals in the dining hall, immersing themselves in the small and tight-knit KMS community. The NEASC group assessed the school in the context of the self-study report and based on the accreditation standards. In the final meeting of the peer visit, committee members had a number of commendations about the school and noted the tremendous level of happiness, engagement, and productivity among students, faculty and staff.

The accreditation process is explained on the NEASC website, “NEASC accreditation is a system of accountability that is ongoing, voluntary, and comprehensive in scope. It respects differences in institutional populations, missions, and cultures, and fosters institutional change grounded in the judgment of practicing educators. It is based on standards which are developed and regularly reviewed by the members and which define the characteristics of good schools and colleges.”

Head of School Tao Smith commented, “This has been the culmination of many years of hard work and development. KMS is poised to have a bright future. It is satisfying to have a group of peers from an accrediting institution validate our hard work and our great and unique school.”

In the report authored by the visiting NEASC committee, the group noted the school’s strengths: “The commission particularly highlights the Killington Mountain School’s commitment to refining and living its mission, which keeps its students at the center of all programs. Further, the school should be commended for creating a positive environment for its students, which is fostered by the dedicated and caring teachers, coaches, and administrators. And finally, KMS has created a culture of positive collaboration among all stakeholders in the community with an abiding commitment to honest reflection, constant improvement, and an appreciation for flexible programming.”

The school will participate in another NEASC evaluation in 2025, doing what it does best in the meantime, and is expected to respond to and implement any of the self-study and visiting committee recommendations. The school will submit a two-year interim and a five-year interim follow up report to NEASC before the next evaluation.

The school’s accreditation is an institutional highlight, reflective of Killington Mountain School’s strong 40-year academic and athletic history. This recognition, coupled with an outstanding record of college placement and athletic achievement among graduates, further propels the school toward a bright future of growth and possibility, Smith said.

KMS ‘s mission is to inspire students to pursue excellence in academics and athletics in a culture that promotes integrity, leadership, responsibility, and respect. For more info visit

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