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Killington dept. present 2017 budgets progress

By Evan Johnson
KILLINGTON—The Killington Select Board has asked town departments to present budget proposals for fiscal year 2018 and departments are busy crunching the numbers. At a Nov. 15 meeting, board members heard budgets from the library, planning, recreation and roads departments. All of these budgets will be presented to voters in the spring on Town Meeting Day.
Sherburne Library
The library budget for FY2018 is being slated for 208,448.50, representing a $2,918—1.4 percent—increase due in part to a $1,000 increase in the proposed programs and events line item. Library Director Jane Ramos said more people have requested adult programs in addition to the children’s programs.
Ramos added there could be another increase in the future if the library chooses to pursue a new automated cataloging system. The database software charges between $800 to $1,000 per year. If the library connected with other libraries around the state using the software, that cost would increase to between $2,000 and $2,500 while making more titles available to library patrons.
“It is a matter of changing every barcode in the building,” Ramos said. “It would be a good idea down the line but we’re not in a rush this minute.”
Town planner Richard Horner explained at the town meeting on Nov. 15 that there are no significant changes from last year’s budget, but proposed the creation of a “planning grant expense” line item to reserve funds intended for matching grants. Without the earmarking, any unused money could be used in another area of the town budget. The town planning and zoning administration budget for the coming year is $67,312, while the Planning Commission budget is at $11,485.
While expenses for the Parks and Recreation Department will be about $20,000, or 15 percent higher for next year, revenues will more than recover the amount spent, thanks to the 10-week summer camp that is expected to bring in revenues of up to $55,000, an increase of approximately $30,000.
Recreation Director Kim Peters said she is certified to to teach lifeguarding, CPR and first aid, which will create additional revenues. “As we get larger, we’re going to have to be teaching more staff,” Peters said.
The department has also been able to save money on programs by reusing materials, which has lowered the cost of popular events such as the Chili Cook-off.
In the past, the facilities budget has been split between winter and summer seasonal costs for materials and manpower. In a proposed budget for the entire year, Highway and Facilities Department Chair Chet Hagenbarth is proposing a $5,000 increase in truck maintenance but will otherwise keep the budget relatively flat compared to this year.

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